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Children's clothing label Rora was born from the Latin word Rora. In Latin, Rora means that the night will come. The origin is derived from aurora. A true gift from heaven, the beautiful aurora lights. The aurora is sometimes called a sky curtain because it beautifully shines in the night sky, freely flickering. The stunning colorful light steals the heart of the viewer.It is said that this particular beauty can not be forgotten once you have seen it. Like the aurora that stirs the hearts of people, I want to capture that feeling and send a fluttering into the mind and the heart of each child in each piece of clothing.

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Formal Line

On certain special days, you want to be cuter than everyone else. Well, Rora's formal line can help with this-- it's formal and trendy, but in a child-like way. We want to bring mom's inner thoughts to life-- making her little princess the prettiest one in the room! Check out Rora's Formal Wear Line today!

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Natural Casual Line

Rora's Natural Line expresses the innate curiosity and meandering train of thought through its elegant yet simple lines and designs.

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Casual Girl Line

Rora's Casual Girl Line aims to merge modern and original style by putting an avant-garde twist on popular designs resulting in a sophistication which will set your little one apart!

Accessories by Rora

All hair accessories are handmade.

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